Discount Showers in Traditional and Modern designs

Showers use less water than a bath, and are quicker so how do you choose what type of shower will suit you?

There are various options available.  If you already have a stored tank of hot water it makes sense to use it rather than paying a second time to heat the water for your shower.  In this case a thermostatic valve will provide a safe means of mixing the hot and cold water and as there are loads on the market you will have a good choice.  It then comes down to budget and styling.

If you do not have stored hot water, you may have a combi boiler.  Again a termostatic shower valve will safely mix the cold and hot water providing you with a balanced shower.

The other option is an electric shower.  If you are lucky enough to have a second shower in your house this may be a sensible choice as it provides a backup should your main source of hot water fail.   The higher the KW rating the more powerful the shower as essentially an electric shower works like a kettle, an element heats the water on demand so the larger the element the quicker the flow of water.  You will need to consider the size of cable and the length of run of the cable from the consumer unit when deciding on which size shower to go for but as a general rule a 7mm cable means you can go up to 8KW whereas a 10mm cable means you can have a 10KW shower.  Always ask an electrician to be on the safe side.

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