How do you choose a toilet?  Surely they are all the same?  Actually there is a lot to consider when choosing a toilet. 

Where is the soil pipe, does it go into the floor or through the wall?  If it goes straight through the wall you can get a close backed toilet which is where the base of the pan is completely closed at the back, but if your soil pipe goes into the floor you may need an open back toilet.  

Close coupled is when the cistern sits directly on top of the pan.  Most modern toilets are close coupled.

Most modern toilets also come with a push button flush and most are dual nowadays to save water.  If you want a handle you will need to choose a more traditional toilet from Heritage or Burlington.

You may want to consider a soft close seat, some also come with a quick release button so the whole seat comes off for easy cleaning.

Then you have to consider quality, you get what you pay for and the dearer toilets have lined cisterns to stop condensation and fully boxed rims in the pan for complete flushing......

So there is a lot to consider, have a browse through our toilets and see if you can find your perfect throne.



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