Delivery Cost Details

Local Delivery Details

Important Local Delivery Information

In brief:-

1.      Our local delivery area is Darlington and the surrounding area. (Click)

2.      Delivery dates from time of order are approximate.

3.      The delivery of goods is onto your property not into your property.

4.      Please inspect your goods for damage or defect

5.      Please check for missing product

6.      Installers / Tradesmen should not be arranged until after the delivery and you      have checked your order.

1. Local Delivery Area covered by our own vehicles (Click)

Homecare Heating Supplies is based and operates from its headquarters in Valley Street, Darlington and classes it's local area as approximately 35 miles radius of our postcode DL1 1PY.  Local deliveries are made on our own vehicles and by Homecare employees.  Times for deliveries made on our own vehicles are Monday to Friday generally between 9am and 4pm.  We will always inform you of the time of your scheduled delivery, normally a morning or an afternoon on a specified day.   Our local deliveries are usually carried out by one person however for heavy or bulky items we also operate two man deliveries on specific days.  We will always attempt to offer the most convenient delivery time for our customers but would respectfully request that our customers understand this might not always be possible.

2. Delivery from time of order

We will endeavour to deliver your product within an indicated timeframe provided to you on receipt of your order, however all goods are subject to availability and delay in delivery of your goods is sometimes out of our control. Any delivery dates specified by Homecare Heating Supplies or its suppliers or manufacturers are approximate only and we shall not be liable for any losses, costs, or expenses caused by any delay for delivery of your order.  Deliveries are normally made within 28 working days. 

3. The delivery of goods is onto your property not into your property.

The duty of our drivers is to deliver to the entrance of your premises the products you have purchased.  However, for practical reasons product is generally delivered onto a customer’s premises and can be left in a suitable secure area, i.e. garage or similar.  Our drivers where possible will attempt to oblige delivery requests as we strive to maintain complete customer satisfaction, however please understand that we also try to maintain a high level of safety for our employees and do not want to damage product or property.  PLEASE NOTE for health and safety reasons it is not our driver’s duty to carry products to an installation area.   

Please inform us in advance if there will be any difficulties for our delivery team when they visit your property such as uneven driveways, steps or stairs to your property, loose stone chippings, narrow doorways etc.

At the driver’s discretion, and if authorised by you, the customer, the driver will carry the products to the required area on the strict understanding that Homecare Heating Supplies will not be held responsible for any accidental damage to your product or property.  Homecare Supplies has a duty of care to it’s employees and as such Homecare reserves the right to refuse a delivery which poses a potential health and safety risk to it’s employees or a potential risk of damage to the product and also reserves the right to charge a further fee if a second delivery is attempted or additional manpower is required for the delivery.

4. Inspection of goods for damage or defect

It is essential that when your products are delivered by our own delivery team that the product is inspected for visible damage or defect before installation and in any event within three days hereof and to notify Homecare Heating Supplies of any complaint with regards to visible damage or defect within such period.  Where possible please keep all original packaging.  Homecare Heating Supplies shall not be held responsible for visible defects or damage after this period.   Under no circumstances must product with visible defects or damage be installed. Latent manufacturing defects are covered by your normal guarantees. 

5. Checking for missing product

When your goods are delivered you must check that the quantity of packages correspond to the number on the delivery note and any missing items must be clearly indicated on the delivery  note.  In the unlikely event that you experience missing products you must notify us in writing within three days.  Homecare Supplies cannot accept any liability for missing goods after three days.

6. Installers / Tradesmen

Please do not arrange for your tradesmen to carry out the installation of your product until after you have received your complete order and after you have had sufficient time to check it thoroughly for any visible faults or damage.   Homecare Supplies cannot accept liability for any losses, costs, or expenses from 3rd parties caused by any delay in completing your order.