Fires & Fireplaces 

Q. What type of Flue do I have?

A.  If you have a chimney breast and a chimney stack you have a class 1 flue, if that flue is lined with 5” flexible line you have a class 2 flue.  No chimney breast and a raised ridge tile on the roof usually means a pre cast flue, but always check with a registered installer.

Q.  Do glass fronted gas fires stop heat coming out?

A.  Open fronted fires have radiant and convection heat.  Glass fronted fires transfer the heat output to the convector and are cheaper to run as there is less gas input.

Q.  How long do the coals last on a gas fire?

A.  Depends how often you use the fire and if they are set up properly but approximately 5 – 10 years.

Q.  What safety features do gas fires have?

A.  A thermocouple to shut off the gas if the pilot is blown out and an oxygen sensing device (OSD) which cuts the fire off if the chimney gets blocked.

Q.  Is this real marble?

A.  Conglomerate and Micro grained are about 95% marble bonded together with resin.

Q.  Would Marble withstand the heat of a Coal fire?

A.  Yes, as long as it is cut into sections and slabbed with concrete to allow for expansion due to the heat.

Q.  Will wooden mantels withstand the heat of a Coal fire?

A.  Solid timber will as long as there is the correct clearance from the fireplace opening or stove.

Q.  Ho wdo you get stubborn stains out of Marble?

A.  Marble is very porous, you can use ordinary Beeswax furniture polish for light marks such as finger marks, for deeper ingrained stains try equal amounts of water and white spirit with a touch of washing up liquid, but always test somewhere inconspicuous first.

Q.  What is the running cost of a fire?

A.   Input of fire x unit charge (check your gas/electric bill)

i.e 6.5KW gas fire with gas charged at 4p per KW per hour is

6.5KW x 4p = 26p per hour



Q.  I have no chimney but would like a wood burning stove, is it possible?

A.  Yes, you could use twin wall double insulated flue pipe.

Q.  I would like a stove but I’m not sure what size I need?

A.  The size and output depend on the overall size of the room it is going into.

Q.  Can I install the stove myself?

A.  We highly recommend that a stove is fitted by a HETAS approved engineer for guarantee and insurance purposes.

Q.  I live in a smokeless zone, can I still have a woodburning stove?

A.  You can burn wood as long as it is a DEFRA approved stove.

Q.  What does DEFRA mean?

A.  Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Q.  How would I find out if I live in a Smoke controlled area?

A.  Check with your local council.

Q.  What would happen if I installed a non DEFRA stove?

A.  If you live in a smoke controlled area you could be fined up to £1000 if burning wood on a non DEFRA stove.

Q.  Do I need a flue liner in my chimney?

A.  We would advice that you put a flue liner in but always ask the advice of a qualified HETAS engineer.

Q.  Do I need a carbon monoxide alarm?

A.  Yes, it is a legal requirement that a carbon monoxide alarm is fitted when a stove is installed by a HETAS engineer.



Q.  What is the best way to measure an existing bath?

A.  Remove the bath panel and measure the underside of the top rim as baths are sometimes sunk into the plaster.

Q.  Are all basins and WCs the same colour white?

A.  Unfortunately the colour varies.

Q.  Will a towel warmer heat a bathroom?

A.  Possibly, but it will need to be considerably larger that an equivalent radiator.

Q.  Does the colour of a towel warmer affect the heat output?

A.  Yes, chrome can restrict the output by up to 20%.

Q.  Are all W.C’s the same height?

A.  Most are a very similar height but there are also comfort height W.C’s that are about 50 mm higher than standard.

Q.  Can a pump be fitted to an electric shower?

A.  No.  A pump requires stored hot water.

Q.  Do I have low or high water pressure?

A.  A Low pressure system has a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder.  A high pressure system runs off a Combination boiler of a high pressure cylinder.

Q.  What do I do if I only have a cold water supply?

A.  You can have an electric shower installed.

Q.  What does thermostatic mean?

A.  The thermostat is constantly monitoring the water temperature and makes adjustments to keep it constant.

Q.  What is involved in installing an electric shower?

A.  You require good cold water pressure and a power supply from the main fuse board.