Built In Ovens

Built In Ovens are perfect for small kitchens as they use less space than a Range or Freestanding cooker. There are three types of built in oven, the Single built-in oven,  which are just under 60cm tall and can fit under a kitchen worktop or in a tall eye-level unit.  The Double built-under oven which are taller at around 72cm and have two ovens but still fit under a kitchen worktop or in a taller unit or the Double built-in oven which are just under 90cm tall and need to be fitted into eye-level kitchen cabinets.  Double built in ovens will not fit under a worktop.

All come in either Gas or Electric, however there is much more choice in Electric, also an electric oven offers more flexibility and functionality such as a multi function oven.

A Double built in oven offers you more cooking options and the ability to cook dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Some have grills in both ovens for extra flexibility.

Most built in ovens have a grill and most electric built-in ovens come with a fan that helps to distribute the heat evenly around the oven.

Many electric ovens are multifunction, which allows you to cook with a combination of heat from the top and the bottom of the oven, the grill and fan.

Some ovens also have a steam function with an integral water tank. The water is vaporised and provides a quick and healthy cooking method.

Most have drop-down doors. Some oven doors have glass panels that can be removed, which makes them much easier to clean.

A built in oven is ideal for a fitted kitchen and can blend seamlessly with the units to give a stream lined look.

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