Gas​ ​&​ ​Electric​ ​Hobs​ ​In​ ​Darlington

Hobs come in various sizes and some now even incorporate a Wok burner, handy if you are into healthy stir fries.

You have a choice of Gas, Ceramic, Solid plate or Induction.  Hobs come in a range of sizes and can have anything from 2 to 6 burners or cooking zones.  How big you go depends on budget, space available and how big a family (or appetite) you have!

In general Gas is the most responsive and cheapest to run, but is more difficult to keep clean. Solid Plates take ages to warm up and there is a knack to cooking with them but they are relatively cheap to buy. Ceramic is easy to wipe clean and looks flush with the worktop so creates a nice smooth line in the kitchen. Induction is the latest innovation in Hobs and is as responsive as gas without the cleaning problems, but they are obviously dearer and you will need to check with an electrician that you have the right power supply as they require a dedicated power supply.