Helpful Guide to Choosing your Surround

Choosing your wooden Surround

 1)  Select the style and design you like

If you see a design or style of surround you like, don't be put off by the colour because even if the colour of the pictured surround is not your thing ANY surround can be made in ANY colour from our colour chart so select the shape and style you're looking for first.

2)  Select the colour

You will see on each product page a colour chart of all the available colours and a large swatch of the finish shown of the individual surround on that page.  Select your desired colour from our colour chart.

If you have any doubts over your chosen colour / finish please contact us and we can email you a high resolution swatch of your preferred colour, alternatively we can arrange for a small colour sample to be sent to you directly from the factory.  All the surrounds come in a “mid sheen” finish. For any additional information please call us and speak to a member of our sales team.

3)  Select Downlights

Why not enhance your fireplace with a set of built in downlights with easy to reach on / off switch on the underside of your surround?  These lights give a warm glow to your back panel, fire and hearth and add to the overall look of your fireplace.   Simply add the downlights product after you have added your surround to your basket.

4)  Select Marble or Granite

Dependent upon the width of your chosen surround you can also purchase the corresponding size of chinese black granite or bianca beige agglomerate marble.  Generally speaking if you had a surround with say a top 52, 53 or even 56" wide then you would put it on a set of marble or granite with a hearth 54" wide and similarly if you had a smaller mantel top you would opt for a hearth width of 48".  We have associated the appropriate size marble and granite on the Surrouond product pages to help your selection process.

Just a little additional Information to help you.

REBATE. The rebate is the gap left on the inside of the surround where the marble may be fitted. All Fire Surrounds on this website have an adjustable rebate as standard. With the rebate strip fitted there is a 1” (25mm) rebate. If the rebate strip is unscrewed and removed there is a larger rebate as stated.


Each fire surround is manufactured individually and therefore may be subject to a slight variation in size and shade.


The surrounds are manufactured using veneered M.D.F. - Many of the motifs are manufactured from resin.


We recommend the installation of all products by a professional qualified fireplace installer.